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How AI will change digital marketing

How Will AI Change the Digital Marketing Landscape?

Artificial Intelligence is transforming digital strategies, and rightfully so, its ability to collect, analyze, and apply data which is used to improve digital marketing strategies and provide useful customer insights. Experts indicate that AI is imperative in digital products of the future, especially in digital marketing. Let's dive into how AI, commencing from the movie "The Matrix" has made its...

5 bad seo practices to avoid

5 SEO Tactics That Will Get You In Trouble

Google is smarter than you think, especially when it comes to catching websites that try to trick Google to rank higher on search results. Also referred to as Black Hat SEO, these SEO strategies fall outside the 'Google Webmaster Guidelines', and if Google identifies your website violating its guidelines (which it will sooner or later), your website will be harshly...

do's and dont's of social media marketing

10 Social Media Marketing Don’ts To Keep In Mind

If you hear people say, "social media marketing does not work," its because most people don't do it right. To see long-term results from social media marketing, you need to incorporate social media marketing into your mainstream marketing efforts, and not just copy others and then get discouraged by the lack of results.  Here are a few don'ts to keep in...

digital marketing tips for 2020

10 Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2020

The digital world is mercurial and is subject to rapid innovations and evolutions. With the competition in the online space being on the rise, companies need to get more ingenious with their marketing efforts.  If you are struggling to get your marketing pieces aligned. Here are the ten digital marketing trends to look out for in 2020.  Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing has been...

Tips to sell your products

Selling Products vs Selling Emotions

"Don't sell products, sell emotions" is an excellent old marketing phrase that holds a high significance. Most decisions people make are emotional, including every buying decision. This is likely to say that selling products is selling emotion. What was the last thing you purchased? Let's say food. Why did you buy it? -- because you were feeling hungry, and hunger is...

Why brands need to have a personality

Why do Brands Need to Have a Personality?

Brand personality is vital; it helps you position your brand in a particular fashion, and allows people to associate it with emotion. However, a brand with personality will enjoy a plethora of additional benefits as well, including enhanced customer engagement and increased sales.   Here is a detailed guide to why brand personality is a must-have for every brand. Brand Personality: An Overview Before...

Guide to Influencer Marketing

A Detailed Guide to Influencer Marketing

In the era of social media, marketing techniques have entirely revamped. One marketing strategy that is relatively new, but is used widely by almost all brands, is Influencer Marketing. Here is a complete breakdown of what is influencer marketing, and how can it be helpful for your business.  Who is an Influencer? Many people think of influencers as big movie stars and...

advantages of SEO

SEO The Unsung Hero

Ever wondered why results of Amazon and Flipkart show up whenever you search for shoes, mobiles, tablets, and almost any other usable thing? They don’t make any of these products but still rank a lot higher than the companies that make them. Why? Yes, you guessed it right, Search Engine Optimization! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the...

Learn about digital marketing

The Little Things About Digital Marketing

The perfect Digital Marketing strategy (there is no such thing, really) is continuous, relentless and slow, like life! At times the most absurd of things like the "world_record_egg" to some very thought-provoking and well-researched campaigns by giants like Gillette, Zomato, Amul, may break the internet. All these brands incorporated new and old marketing trends in their social media handles and...

Basics of Digital Marketing

Let’s Understand Digital Marketing Better!

As we begin yet another fast-paced year. We have seen a lot of things change so rapidly. One such thing that has been in trend over the last decade is digital marketing. Even though Digital Marketing was pioneered by players like Yahoo. It took a better shape after Google and then Facebook, followed by various other social media platforms we...