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Snickers returns with a brilliant Ad Campaign!

Snickers- Einfach Digital

Snickers returns with a brilliant Ad Campaign!

The entire city is flooded with hoardings and newspapers with ads of the latest ‘Who are you, When you are hungry’ Snickers campaign. Absolutely love this new campaign strategy which has been specifically tailor made for its Indian customers. This is fantastic marketing – creating “occasions” to give / eat Snickers — while being funny and making a connect on an emotional level at the same time.

Coke did it a few years back by printing names of people on bottles with its ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. The first-of-its-kind campaign kick-started in Australia that celebrated the power of a first name in a very playful, social and quirky way by swapping out Coke’s logo and name from its bottles and cans with the 150 most popular names in Australia. And it worked! That summer, Coke had sold more than 250 million named bottles and cans in a nation of just under 23 million people! And now Snickers is taking it another level altogether.

In recent times, the brand has spoken about hunger and how it changes people. Taking a step further and putting an innovative spin to its regular packaging, the newly launched Snickers Hunger Bars have swapped the Snickers logo with hunger related symptoms on the packaging. The bar now comes in 19 hunger symptoms available in 4 local languages ‘Drama Queen’ ‘Junglee’ ‘Moody’ ‘Confused’ to name a few. The brand’s new packaging innovation is extended by a television, digital & outdoor and an aggressive social media campaign. It ran a Twitter content, where it asked users to tweet what happens #WhenYouAreHungry. Analytics suggest that #WhenYouAreHungry received 4,731,366 tweets between November 10 – November 16. People are loving the sarcastic videos associated with the campaign.. Snickers has not had a very active social media presence in India until now, this campaign is a great opportunity for the brand to revamp their digital footprint.


















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