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SEO The Unsung Hero

advantages of SEO

SEO The Unsung Hero

Ever wondered why results of Amazon and Flipkart show up whenever you search for shoes, mobiles, tablets, and almost any other usable thing? They don’t make any of these products but still rank a lot higher than the companies that make them. Why? Yes, you guessed it right, Search Engine Optimization!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic on a website by increasing its search engine rankings. 

Long-Term Benefits of SEO

If you are thinking of skipping SEO, you are probably unaware of its long-term benefits. 

Think about a website like Healthline. The website ranks on the top of the first page for almost all health and fitness-related searches. Moreover, the website has sustained its rankings for years. That is the power of SEO! The website is not owned by a medical or healthcare organization but ranks above them for all health-related searches. 

And you can do the same! You don’t necessarily need to be the most knowledgeable person, and your website does not need to be the best in the niche. If you do the SEO right, you can overtake your competitors with ease.

In addition to high-quality traffic, SEO can help you achieve much more. From easy lead generation to effortless customer acquisition, here are the top, long-term benefits of SEO. 

  • Consistent high-quality and high-quantity traffic
  • A better user experience by providing your audience useful, relevant information
  • The best source of lead generation for B2B, B2C, and non-profit organizations
  • Higher conversions and close rates
  • Loyal and recurring customers
  • Increased brand credibility and brand awareness
  • A long-term sustainable marketing strategy 
  • An optimized website with mobile-friendliness and better speed

Clearly, SEO is the unsung marketing hero, and websites that are search engine optimized perform far better than the websites that rely only on paid ads and cold calling. The below chart shows the comparison of leads generated by individual marketing sources. 

Why is SEO better than SEM?

Most website owners are normal people like you and me who want to start an online business with a limited marketing budget. But their desire to achieve quick success makes them dump all their funds into paid advertising. 

SEO and SEM are two completely different marketing methodologies, and one cannot be used as an alternative to the other. 

As the above chart suggests, paid advertising contributes the least to the lead generation process. However, with so many website owners inclining towards Search Engine Marketing (SEM), it is essential to discuss its advantages and disadvantages. Talking about benefits first, a few benefits of SEM are:

  • A highly targeted form of marketing in which you can choose everything from the location to the age. group and gender of the visitors you want to target.
  • A highly controllable form of marketing in which you can control the quantity and duration of the visitors.
  • A good source of lead generation.
  • The best marketing strategy for local businesses.

A few disadvantages of SEM are:

  • Because SEM is highly targeted, a well-planned strategy is required. 
  • A short-term, unsustainable form of marketing. 
  • One of the costliest forms of marketing as it requires a massive marketing budget.

SEO, in addition to all the advantages offered by SEM, SEO also covers all of its disadvantages. SEO does not require a lot of planning, is a highly sustainable form of marketing that can last for years, and is a lot cheaper than Search Engine Marketing. 

Choose the best service provider for success

It’s imperative that you should always choose the service provider who will go to significant lengths not just to ‘get’ your business, but also to ‘retain’ and ‘grow’ your business. One of the most successful companies in this area is Einfach Digital, a Banglore based digital marketing firm. Voted by Silicon India, as one of the ‘10 Most Promising Bangalore Marketing Startups’, Einfach Digital provides your brand or company, the digital ‘lift’ it needs to launch your product and services on a grand scale and expand beyond geographies and demographics.


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