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Rebranding – Einfach Digital Ver 2.0

Rebranding – Einfach Digital Ver 2.0

I’ve been wanting to do everything differently at ED since the beginning of July, and since the team went through a complete change, with the new team in place, and a lot of action around; we figured there would not be a better time for the rebranding activity.

Personally, I was convinced that we needed a new look; our Social Media Strategist gave it a new dimension by providing us with a complete Social Media Audit, the document was a 72 freaking MB document which nit-picks on everything about us, the look and the feel of the brand, pretty much the last nail in the coffin. Now we had documented data that told us that we could do with some rebranding and a better website, our previous website was too “preachy” and philosophical. And we were trying to get rid of the traditional way of marketing/advertising.

While I was thinking about how I am going to work on this initiative with a knee and a plan to travel abroad, I found the right person to spearhead this campaign. The ever-so-hyperactive Asha! Asha was assigned the task of logo design and web design (along with Vivek), the rest of the team kind of worked on the content.

But one thing we all had in mind was, we needed something quirky and engaging. And that’s what we have tried with the new look, both with the logo and the website.

We definitely do not want our reader to fall asleep half way through our website, and hence we have kept our stuff minimal and quirky.

With the logo design, we wanted a very interesting set of colours, it can’t get more interesting than yellow, trust me. And the deep purple, that colour! Truth be told, I’ve always been intrigued by deep purple since the time Pratap got his SUV and interestingly Asha came up with the same combo and we were all kicked about it, we still are!

Now detailing the logo a little bit, it’s an invert of E and D, as simple as that. Einfach means simple in German and we’ve kept our logo simple and super minimalistic. It also looks like a mouse, symbolising “digital” and it most importantly, it looks like a smiley face, let’s say it symbolises our clients and staff (I just came up with that), and that’s how we got ourself an Uber cool logo.

The new logo and the new website is our way our reinventing ourself as we embark on this interesting new journey with a new bunch of awesome team members.

Our intention with ED Ver 2.0 is to put design and creativity into the core of our existence. We’d like to be known for great design, awesome creativity and a totally engaging social media  experience to our clients and their clients.

And if you enjoyed reading this post, I think we have taken a step in the right direction.


Manoj Kumar

Comments: 2

  • Rahul Desai
    6 years ago

    Wish you all the best in your new endeavor !!

  • Esakkimuthu S
    6 years ago

    Good one Manoj and team… Congrats and all the best for u & ur team..