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Let’s Understand Digital Marketing Better!

Basics of Digital Marketing

Let’s Understand Digital Marketing Better!

As we begin yet another fast-paced year. We have seen a lot of things change so rapidly. One such thing that has been in trend over the last decade is digital marketing. Even though Digital Marketing was pioneered by players like Yahoo. It took a better shape after Google and then Facebook, followed by various other social media platforms we use these days.

With the ever-changing forms of advertising and some state and local regulations, print advertising has slowed down over the years. The players that were relying solely on print ads have been impacted due to this. While some smarter ones have moved to Digital Advertising. There are lots of them that haven’t realized how cost-effective and strategic, digital marketing can potentially be. One cannot decide who is going to read your Ad on a newspaper or a newspaper insert. But with a Digital Ad, you get to choose the age group, geographic location, and various other interest buckets. Businesses that collects customers data such as phone number and email addresses don’t realize how precious it is and what wonders can be achieved with it.

And there is this whole misconception about how digital marketing will bring in sales. Note that it won’t. Digital marketing won’t bring in sales unless it is a resource product or service and a great advertising strategy. Most people have this huge misunderstanding that they know what Digital Marketing is.

They assume as a small business they can handle their social media by themselves, the question is, can they? The truth is, anyone can handle their own social media until a basic and intermediate level. Once you grow beyond a few thousand followers, it is important to let a professional handle it. For example, We had reached to one of the best fashion designers in Bangalore. This specific client is pretty popular but when we went to the store their branding wasn’t complementing their real value and as a client, I may raise my eyebrows when I notice this flaw.

And then there are people who want to promote ‘themselves’ as a brand, by posting their pictures and promoting them to an irrelevant audience. Honestly, this is a waste of money, this is where influencer marketing helps. And here is where, A Social media expert understands the requirement of a business, they use better creatives, post your creative at a good time, use trending hashtags and bring you the audience your business deserves.

To give you clarity let me tell you about another designer we worked with. We did a bunch of layouts and used some brilliant hashtags that got us growing at the rate of 150 followers per day. Unfortunately, for a lot of reasons we had to stop working with them. Soon the client started creating their own post, which was in no way close to what we did, their content had mistakes, hashtags were irrelevant, the posts became more infrequent and inconsistent. But most importantly, their page did not look professional anymore.

All this can be avoided if you invest in a digital agency. Also, it is important for brands to understand a few critical points. There are other faces to Digital Marketing such as Online reputation management and monitoring, SEO, Influencer marketing.

In our next blog, we will touch upon incorrect influence marketing, buying followers and likes.

We did a few campaigns this year for events like Bridal Sutra and HSR Habba. We reached about 20 to 25 lakh people and we did social media for a couple of movies and reached over 12 lakh, relevant people. That’s the power of digital marketing when done right!

Ria Sharma

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