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How Can Brands Capitalize On Moment Marketing?

Brands capitalize on moment marketing

How Can Brands Capitalize On Moment Marketing?

Not a lot of business owners and marketers have heard of moment marketing. Digital marketing never stops evolving, and moment marketing is another relatively newer trend that is helping businesses improvise their marketing efforts. This is how Brands capitalize on moment marketing.

The buyers’ nature is not the same as it used to be a few years ago; no one likes the standard picture or video advertisements that run as it is for years. Moment marketing helps you utilize the current events to transform your marketing campaigns, making them more effective and engaging. 

Let’s dive into the concept of moment marketing and how brands can capitalize on it. 

Moment Marketing: An Overview

In simple words, moment marketing is a marketing strategy used by companies to tailor their marketing campaigns around the current events happening around the world. This marketing strategy can be used to target both online and offline audiences by utilizing several platforms. Social media is primarily used for moment marketing, along with TV adverts and print ads as well. You must have seen “Amul” banners, always created around current affairs and trends in the country or around the globe. 

How to Use Moment Marketing

Digital marketing is no longer a game of spending thousands of dollars in running clunky, static advertisements. Consumers are sick of engaging with outdated marketing campaigns, making it essential for business owners to discover ways to create agile campaigns. With the use of technologies increasing rapidly in marketing, advertisements making become relevant to the consumers by aligning them with current events. 

Let’s consider the example of FIFA World Cup 2018. If you followed that tournament, you might remember how Adidas was all over the digital space. Adidas created a successful video campaign, along with various GIFs for social media, all of which were centers on the tournament. 

Their smart moment marketing helped them not only grab the attention of football fans, but their cross-industry selection of celebrities helped them broaden their appeal beyond that. Similarly, you can use current events or trends, and tailor your marketing content around them to seamlessly engage more people. 

Implementation of Moments Marketing

There are so many channels and platforms to choose from, finding the best one that can cater to your requirements can be a hassle. Although moment marketing can be carried out on any medium, two primary modes include: 

Snippets: Micro-Moment Marketing

Moment marketing comprises micro-moments, too, a new digital marketing trend widely embraced by companies. Micro-moments, in a nutshell, provide the audience with a solution to a query instantly. 

Moment marketing is necessary for capturing the audience’s attention, primarily because of the increasing number of mobile internet users. We all do this — we have a question, we Google it, trace the answer quickly, and close the browser. The whole process does not take more than twenty seconds, and if your brand can provide solutions quickly, you can capture your audience’s attention with ease.

But the question here is, how to provide answers quickly? Well, there are a few ways to do so, but the way that is easiest to implement is having featured snippets of your content. We all love snippets; they eliminate the need to click through multiple links to find a relevant answer.  

Moreover, snippets capture 8.6% of all clicks, making them essential for every online business. However, getting a snippet on Google can be a hurdle; therefore, it is crucial to consult a reputed digital marketing company to get your content will feature as a snippet. 

Omni-Channel Marketing

The concept of omnichannel or cross-platform marketing is simple; you choose the best campaign and operate it across all channels and devices. 

Let’s consider the example of Coca Cola’s Zero Racism campaign in support of the Swedish footballer Durmaz. Soon after the incidents of racism, hashtags like  #backadurmaz and #viärsverige went viral on social media. 

Coca Cola was quick to react and improvised its pre-existing campaign with the new “Zero Racism” campaign. The company scaled the campaign like crazy, across all online and offline platforms. The support this campaign receives is overwhelming, and it will turn out to be a significant success for the company. Now, your marketing budget might not be as big as Coca Cola, but you can try adopting an agile philosophy across channels. 

How E-Commerce and Travel Industries Use Micro-Moments?

Companies in different industries can adjust their strategies to utilize moment or micro-moment marketing. However, companies in e-commerce, gaming, and travel industries are at an advantage, especially with micro-moment marketing. 

Buyer personas play a vital role in moment marketing. For instance, in e-commerce, stay updated with the how’s, why’s, and what’s that your buyers are looking to relate to your product. Having an in-depth understanding of your buyers’ needs and expectations help you effectively leverage moment marketing. For example, if you own an apparel e-commerce store and Halloween winters are about to arrive, you can run campaigns offering products explicitly tailored for winters and Christmas. 

In travel, you can leverage micro-moments too. Delayed or canceled flights are frequent, and if you own a hotel near an airport, you can run advertisements near the airport area, taking the benefit of delayed flights. 

How Can Einfach Digital Help?

Moment marketing is a fresh marketing concept, with very few brands, and marketers readily leveraging it. Being an industry-leading digital marketing company, Einfach Digital offers effective moment marketing solutions to help your brand make the best out of current trends. Apart from moment marketing, we provide 360-degree marketing solutions to ensure your brand succeeds online.

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