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Use Google Trends to Boost your Social Media Engagement

Google trends for social media engagement

Use Google Trends to Boost your Social Media Engagement

Google search data can increase the performance of your social media marketing efforts!

When was the last time you posted something humorous or insightful on social media? And, did you search for it on Google? Well, we just caught you red-handed. 

Searches on Google are closely associated with social media trends. Thus, Google and Google Trends can turn out to be a crunch point in your social media marketing efforts. 

Let’s dive into what Google Trends is and how you can use it to enhance the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns. 

Google Trends: An overview

Google Trends is a platform by Google that analyzes the popularity of top search queries across various regions and languages. You can compare it to the trending section of Twitter, where you get a vague insight into what is popular in your neighborhood and across the globe. The only difference is that it shows in-depth data on what Google users are searching for?

Google Trends can be a helpful tool for marketers and business owners who are in search of popular search queries around the world. 

How to use Google Trends for social media marketing?

You can use Google Trends to plan campaigns and choose hashtags on social media. Here is a quick guide to using google trends for social media. 

Choose hashtags

Hashtags are one of the crucial aspects of social media marketing on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. The relevancy of hashtags determines the reach and engagement of social media content. And although hashtags are a perennial concept, marketers still don’t have proper knowledge and strategies to use them. 

With the help of Google Trends, you can find trending topics and keywords in a region or around the world, and tailor them to create a bunch of engaging hashtags. It is way more rewarding to use three or four targeted hashtags instead of listing tens of irrelevant ones.

Marketers using Google Trends for the first time might get overwhelmed by buckets of marketing information. Try not to spam hashtags in your social media posts, and use them as humanly as possible. Using too many of them would not only affect the readability of your content but will send a wrong signal to the ranking algorithm of the social media platform and detect your content as spam. The last thing you want is to make the algorithm angry. 

Plan targeted campaigns

Although social media platforms provide in-depth insights to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, it is always a wise call to put it together with Google Trends. For instance, assume you are a stationery manufacturing business that sells low-cost notebooks. You decide to promote your products on Facebook, but its ad platform could not provide you enough data to create your campaign.

You can fill up this data gap with the help of Google Trends. Notebook consumers, such as schools, institutions, or stationery shops, certainly use Facebook, but they don’t use it to purchase notebooks; most probably, they use Google for it. 

You can use Google Trends and search for your target keyword to find out people of which region, age, and other demographics are searching for low-cost notebooks. You can then target that location with your Social Media ad campaigns. Simple, isn’t it?

Besides, you can also use Google Trends to correct and improve your underperforming campaign if you feel you have an excellent product and an intense campaign to market it. But, you’re still not getting enough engagement, maybe you’re targeting the wrong audience. Google Trends can help you cross-check the demographics you are targeting, which enables you to course-correct your campaigns if they have any type of shortcomings.


Google Trends can be a revolutionary tool for businesses that are struggling to achieve results from their social media marketing efforts. Plus, you can use it for other tasks such as identifying local shopping trends, researching brand health, and finding real-time marketing opportunities as well. 


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