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ED Update!

ED Update!

At ED, we seem to have a very Bangalore weather kind of work pressure. (By that we mean, it’s extreme). Well, yes. There was a time when we had a handful of clients, we were wondering if we were doing the right thing by running this line of business, but it is our belief that we haven’t unleashed this beast thus haven’t seen what this business could potentially fetch us.
And here we are buried in neck-deep work and have deadlines to meet, But hey who is complaining!? Busy is good, but yeah we don’t have the time to watch YouTube videos (I am listening to my fav song from Half Girlfriend as I type this) neither do we have the time to play carrom board. And that’s completely ok.
To top all of this, and coming to the crux of this note. Pratap and I are very excited about working with some interesting names in the Kannada Film Industry, and these are very interesting projects, given the popularity, this could potentially generate. And we are excited. Very excited.
We’re currently working with experimental filmmaker and friend Mr. Dayal Padmanabhan on a couple of his projects, we are working with Superstar JK, (Karthik Jayaram), we are their social media strategists( yeah, we just give them strategies and they execute it). We are working with them providing a complete social media strategy for their profiles on Instagram, Facebook and we’re also working on a kickass website for Mr. Dayal Padmanabhan. We are also working with a radio jockey turned entrepreneur Maya.
We are working on digital promotions for JK’s movie “May 1st”, May 1st is directed by Nagendra Urs and Raksha Somashekar playing the lead role, this is scheduled to release in May, this will be followed by “Aa Karaala Ratri” directed by Dayal Padmanabhan, with JK and Anupama Gowda playing the lead roles. This movie also has senior actors Mr. Rangayana Raghu and Ms. Veena Sundar playing some very important roles. AKR will be followed by the release of “Puta 109” This movie has JK (again) and Naveen Krishna.
And that’s not all, on Friday this week, we are going to be releasing Maya’s 1st interview as a part of her Online Media Venture Maya’s IC 21. This is an interview with Robin Uthappa.
That’s it for now from our side, we will share more updates as we go. But if you see yourself inundated with Ads across social media, you know who to blame. If you see us sharing Kannada movie updates, you know why.
Thank you! Peace!
Manoj Kumar
PS – We didn’t even have the time to do a nice creative (Pinky Swear)
Manoj Kumar

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