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ED conducts May 1st movie contest!

ED conducts May 1st movie contest!

Einfach Digital is essentially a Digital Marketing agency that provides traditional digital marketing solutions, we kinda call ourselves a startup incubator of sorts… But, with our entry into promotions for movies, we are trying to go a little beyond digital to ensure that our clients get enough and more coverage.
That being said, we, along with Jayaram Karthik ( aka JK ) ran a contest for his movie MAY 1st and it was very interesting. When JK saw the kind of responses we got, he wanted to meet the participants. We took it a step further, all of this in less than 2 days. We put up a great show and we are proud and humbled at the same time to have done what we did.
We didn’t plan for a video shoot but with Karthik Raju came with 2 cameras, we thought, why not! While the video looks amateurish, it’s because we didn’t plan for all of this, it just came together and we went with the flow… JK spent a little over 2 hours with the participants and we had to compress it into a crisp 17-minute video.
With the limited resources we had, we did pretty well.
With the movie’s release date still undecided, we have enough time to think and come up with a couple more interesting promotions. Just sit back and enjoy, while we work hard to keep you engaged.

Manoj Kumar

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