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Why do Brands Need to Have a Personality?

Why brands need to have a personality

Why do Brands Need to Have a Personality?

Brand personality is vital; it helps you position your brand in a particular fashion, and allows people to associate it with emotion. However, a brand with personality will enjoy a plethora of additional benefits as well, including enhanced customer engagement and increased sales.  

Here is a detailed guide to why brand personality is a must-have for every brand.

Brand Personality: An Overview

Before breaking down the benefits of brand personality, let’s take a while and understand how it works. Brand personality, as per definition, is a set of characteristics or traits associated with a brand that is relatable to the customers. This definition alone might not ring a bell; thus, let’s understand the concept of brand personality with a small example.

Take Armani for instance. Think of Armani as a person; what do you see? Probably a guy with a premium three-piece, gold watch, diamond rings, and so on. You get the point here, right? We associate Armani with a luxurious person who, if existed, would have been the best-dressed guy on the planet. 

This is how luxury works. You can associate Nike with a competitive, sporty, stylish, and casual guy, whereas, Apple with an innovative, techie guy. All successful brands have a personality, which in most cases, turns out to be their unique selling point (USP) as well. People want to buy a premium suit, they will prefer Armani because it resembles luxury. 

If your brand does not have a personality, customers will not relate to your brand; if they don’t relate to your brand, they will not buy from you. Therefore, to make your brand successful, you need to develop a brand personality. 

Some common brand personalities are:

  • Sincerity 
  • Competence 
  • Excitement 
  • Ruggedness 
  • Sophistication  

Importance of Brand Personality

Now that you know what brand personality it, let’s talk about how it can benefit your business. It undoubtedly helps you grow your business, but there are a few unnoticed benefits that can make a significant impact on your business. The benefits of having a brand with personality are discussed below.

Self Expression

If your brand has a relatable personality, people will relate to you while making a purchase. Mercedes resembles luxury and status, and when people purchase a Mercedes, they experience a sense of grandeur. “Redbull gives you wings,” and when people buy a Redbull drink, they feel more energetic. Therefore, if your brand has a personality that is “relatable,” customers will prefer purchasing from you. 

A Better Relationship

One of the significant advantages of the brand personality is customer loyalty. Brands with personality have recurring customers compared to brands with bland, weak, or no personality. 

A Mercedes user will not switch to other cars until a brand with a superior personality enters the market. However, here is a drawback of brand personality, as well. Brand personalities are easy to replace, and if your brand fails to sustain its personality, the competitors will take over. Therefore, sustaining the brand personality is as vital as having a brand personality. Maintaining a brand personality forever requires a skilled and consistent strategic approach.

Functional Benefits

If your brand has a personality that is not only emotionally relatable but functional as well, it would be significant thumbs up. Let’s talk about Royal Enfield, a brand that is considered as the epitome of luxury by the salary class population in India. Royal Enfield reflects an old-school, fearless personality that every individual wants to possess. Moreover, this personality is functional. You must have noticed Royal Enfield riders, full of pride and confidence — exactly what the brand of Royal Enfield reflects. 

Better Brand Development

This benefit is a no-brainer; a relatable, functional brand personality results in enhanced brand growth. If your brand has a personality that a large number of people can relate to, brand growth will come in easy. 

How a brand like Xiaomi did come out of nowhere and transformed the dimensions of the Indian smartphone market? Because it positioned itself as the brand for common people, and since the population of standard, middle-class people are high, it took Xiaomi no time to develop its brand and emerge as the leading smartphone manufacturer of the country. 

Customer Analysis

A unique brand personality can help you understand your customers better, and contemplate what they expect from you. This benefit is groundbreaking because most companies struggle to identify what their customers want. 

A relatable personality engages more people and enables you to get otherwise impossible insights. You can run contests and social media posts that influence your audience to engage, which allows you to get a better insight into what and how your audience thinks. 


What? Energy? How does this even relate to the brand personality? Well, it does, and let’s understand it with an example. Suppose Redbull announces that it is planning on launching a new drink. Will it create a buzz among the audience? 

Will it create an “energetic” environment? This attribute holds true with all brands; if your brand has a personality, and you announce a new product, your customers will look forward to it with high hopes and expectations. 

How Can Einfach Digital Help?

Brand personality is essential, but developing a brand personality from scratch, or improving a tainted brand personality can be a tedious task to perform. From marketing campaigns to brand collabs, a lot of factors add up to a positive, relatable brand personality. An expert digital solutions company like Einfach Digital that holds years of experience in developing brands can help you with the ins and outs of creating a brand personality and utilizing it to grow your business.

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