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Sabyasachi – The Master of all Trades!

It’s quite hard to look at other people that do the same thing as you do and appreciate them when they do a great job. It takes a certain level of admiration to the trade itself than running the rat race, which we all try to do. We’re a digital marketing firm, tracking to 371 followers on Instagram. And we know...

Snickers- Einfach Digital

Snickers returns with a brilliant Ad Campaign!

The entire city is flooded with hoardings and newspapers with ads of the latest ‘Who are you, When you are hungry’ Snickers campaign. Absolutely love this new campaign strategy which has been specifically tailor made for its Indian customers. This is fantastic marketing - creating “occasions” to give / eat Snickers — while being funny and making a connect on...

Rebranding – Einfach Digital Ver 2.0

I’ve been wanting to do everything differently at ED since the beginning of July, and since the team went through a complete change, with the new team in place, and a lot of action around; we figured there would not be a better time for the rebranding activity. Personally, I was convinced that we needed a new look; our Social Media...