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Author: Jawahaar

Google trends for social media engagement

Use Google Trends to Boost your Social Media Engagement

Google search data can increase the performance of your social media marketing efforts! When was the last time you posted something humorous or insightful on social media? And, did you search for it on Google? Well, we just caught you red-handed.  Searches on Google are closely associated with social media trends. Thus, Google and Google Trends can turn out to be a...

tradition business in digital business

A guide to digitally transforming your business

While self-quarantine has got all of us working remotely, we can't help but think how business digitization can save us from such a crisis and why it is crucial for every line of business to have a digital strategy which helps you to transforming your business. We've received multiple inquiries in the past, for digital marketing and branding needs from brands...

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Top 5 Reasons Why Business People Secretly love Digital Marketing Company

Digital marketing is a crucial aspect of the digital transformation of a business. A company can proceed with marketing in two ways: by hiring an in-house team or by outsourcing its marketing to a digital marketing agency. Let's understand with the example of Health4U, a healthcare business model. How a digital marketing agency like Einfach Digital helps it succeed online. Marketing...