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Author: Einfach Digital

Why Are Global Brands Boycotting Facebook Advertising?

It was only two years ago when Facebook found itself surrounded in embarrassing disclosures about Cambridge Analytica — a political consultancy that harvested millions of Facebook users’ personal data without their consent to be used for political ad targetting. And yet again, Facebook finds itself in similar chaos, where global brands are coming on board with the idea of boycotting Facebook...

Affiliate Marketing Through Pinterest

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting products or services of other companies. You can find a product you like or feel you can sell. Then, you promote it to others and earn a commission on every successful sale you make.  A typical affiliate marketing framework consists of the following parties: Merchant: Also referred to as the...

Add Quora To Your Content Marketing Strategy

How many times have you searched for a question on Google and a Quora result has shown up? Probably every time. No matter what problem or query you have, you will find its answer on Quora, the world's largest platform to share knowledge, thoughts, and opinions.  So, what is Quora, and how can it turn out to be a secret weapon...

Going live on social media

7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Going Live On Social Media

  In times of quarantine and chill, everyone suddenly has so much time on their hands, and everyone is out there fighting for their own space and recognition in the world of online social media. People have been trying out new things, picking up new hobbies, and even exploring new platforms like TikTok. New challenges are getting picked up, and the silliest...

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Why Is It Essential for Every Company to Have Brand Guidelines?

There is a narrow strait that differentiates a company from a brand. We call it image and personality.  Let’s sink this in with a quick example. Suppose you are a professional basketball player looking to purchase new basketball shoes. You come across two products, one from Nike and the other from a local shoe manufacturer you’ve never heard off. Both offer the same features...

5 types of social media peoples

5 types of people you come across on your social media feed

  When you scroll through your social media feed you must have definitely come across different characters and we are sure you don't want to be any of those personalities in your friend's feed. In this post, we'll help you avoid few things so you are not the topic of discussion.   1.  Spammer   Your feed will be flooded with their posts and it...