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How Will AI Change the Digital Marketing Landscape?

How AI will change digital marketing

How Will AI Change the Digital Marketing Landscape?

Artificial Intelligence is transforming digital strategies, and rightfully so, its ability to collect, analyze, and apply data which is used to improve digital marketing strategies and provide useful customer insights. Experts indicate that AI is imperative in digital products of the future, especially in digital marketing. Let’s dive into how AI, commencing from the movie “The Matrix” has made its way through Google AI and self-driving cars to the field of digital marketing. 

Artificial Intelligence: An Overview

Let’s get into some definitions. Artificial Intelligence is defined as a technology using which machines and computers can imitate human behavior or “cognitive functions,” such as problem-solving, learning, etc. 

With regular advancements in technology and algorithms, AI has become more mature and efficient and can be used in several areas and industries across the world. It is believed that products based on artificial intelligence will contain the essence of human wisdom. 

The relationship between digital marketing and AI

Many successful brands like Amazon and Shopify have recently adopted and successfully used AI systems in their marketing. For example, Amazon makes use of artificial intelligence to show relevant products to its customers, based on their previous searches and purchases. It provides customers with a personalized experience, which increases the likelihood of the initial purchase. Many other brands are using AI to avail of a wide range of marketing benefits. Let’s dive into how exactly you can use AI in your digital marketing strategy.

How has AI changed digital marketing?

As discussed earlier, AI is all about collecting, analyzing, applying, and reacting to data. And since consumer data drives digital marketing, AI plays a pivotal role in making quick data-based decisions. Here is how AI has changed the digital marketing landscape. 

Recognition and analysis

Customer relationship management is a business strategy that focuses on utilizing a customer-centric approach to a business by collecting and filtering valid customer information.  CRM, when combined with AI and Big Data, can enhance the collection of user information from various platforms. Thereby enabling companies to determine the most feasible marketing strategy. 

AI with AR/VR

Artificial intelligence, when combined with visual technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR), offers a unique consumer experience. For example, Coca Cola combined AI with AR overlaying a user’s real-world view with computer graphics. This enables technicians to gather information about the equipment in service. Which makes it easy for workers in remote locations to diagnose issues and facilitate repairs. 

AI in digital marketing 

Here are a few ways you can utilize artificial intelligence in your business. 

AI chatbots

AI chatbots, the hot talk of the marketing industry, work on semantic recognition, voice conversion, and language processing technology to deliver an automated customer service experience. The adoption of AI chatbots has provided businesses with a plethora of benefits. 

Firstly, it allows businesses to get over the manual ‘one to one’ approach. Chatbots can assist numerous queries at the same time irrespective of the location and time zone. Secondly, chatbots are machines, so they don’t need rest and can provide round the clock support. Other benefits include reduced customer service costs, targeted marketing, and easy lead generation. 

Email marketing

Email marketing is probably the most-used marketing strategy to generate sales and create brand awareness. AI can help add a personalized touch to the emails, which increase their CTR and effectiveness. With AI, you can send relevant emails with catchy subject lines and product recommendations based on the customer’s behavior. Apart from personalized content, AI can also help marketers optimize their email campaigns to maximize their outcomes. All in all, AI helps with reaching the right customers at the right time and sending messages that are relevant, engaging, and likely to convert. 

Digital advertising

One of the most successful areas to have adopted artificial intelligence is digital advertising. You can use that across a variety of platforms such as Google, Instagram, and Facebook to provide the best user experience. Digital advertising works by analyzing a user’s information such as gender, age, demographics, and interests.  It show advertisements that are relevant to their needs. Thereby improving the click-through and conversion rates. 

A study suggests that every year, more than $200 billion are spent on digital ads, with the amount expected to increase in the upcoming years. And, with AI technology, marketers can now spot and predict trends. Which would help them make strategic decisions to optimize their campaigns and increase their ROI. 


AI also helps with marketing content by enabling you to discover which content is most effective based on the behavior of the target customers. Marketers can now identify what kind of content works better for their target audience and create the right form of content according to consumer interests. 

For example, the demand for video content is on the rise and is regarded to be the second most effective content marketing medium next to blogs. AI-powered tools can help create high-quality videos as well, that too, without the need of any professional video editor or designer. Therefore, AI is used to both curate and create content. Giving brands a significant edge over their competitors who are still using traditional content marketing strategies. 

How can Einfach Digital help?

There are no debates on why AI is the need of the hour for every business out there. However, a matter of concern is how to apply AI, which is a field of expertise and precision. Einfach Digital is a staunch digital solutions provider that helps you implement AI technology in your business. From using AI to analyze and utilize data to creating AI-powered tools. Einfach offers a comprehensive range of solutions to empower your business. 

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