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Another Indian Logic: Ban Condom Ads

Condom Ads Ban

Another Indian Logic: Ban Condom Ads

The Govt of India bans condom Ads from 6 AM to 10 PM, goes on to say they are “indecent especially on children” and can create “unhealthy practices”.

How could someone make a statement like this in a country that has Ads of WildStone, Axe or Slice for that matter! These ads are borderline soft porn, if not worse.

And then we came across a very interesting video by Manforce Condoms, it’s amazing, I’d prefer not to say more about this one. Check #shutthephoneup on YouTube and you’ll know how creative and innovative ads can get.

Look at the Ads for Durex, they’re probably one of the most subtle yet insanely creative Ads!! Some of them are pure genius!

Leaving the creative part aside, we are the 2nd most populous country in the World. One of the top 5 countries with patients affected with AIDS, If anything we need basic sex education to start with and promote usage of condoms and promote safe sex.

There are so many movies, songs, and posters that are freaking gross! Songs like baby ko base pasand hai, I mean what the **** is that all about!? Don’t we think that will be “indecent especially on children”? Or create “unhealthy practices” (Quite-freaking-literally)

That said, we would like to government to consider “advising” advertisers to be more creative and responsible in making ads. “Advise” them not to commoditize women, or make sexist Ads than just blaming it on Condoms. It’s totally unfair to blame a certain product.

Ria Sharma

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