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Add Quora To Your Content Marketing Strategy

Add Quora To Your Content Marketing Strategy

How many times have you searched for a question on Google and a Quora result has shown up? Probably every time. No matter what problem or query you have, you will find its answer on Quora, the world’s largest platform to share knowledge, thoughts, and opinions. 

So, what is Quora, and how can it turn out to be a secret weapon for your content marketing strategy? Let’s find out. 

What is Quora?

Simply put, Quora is a platform where people can ask questions and respond to questions with answers. When you visit Quora, you will find people asking for advice on almost every aspect of their life: professional, personal, relationship, family, money, and whatnot.

Why should Quora be an integral part of your content marketing strategy? 

With more than 300 million monthly active users, Quora is a tried and tested platform for both content marketing and social selling. Here’s how Quora can help your brand.

Boost your social influence: You can demonstrate your expertise on Quora. By selecting a topic and answering questions with an intention to help and add value, you can perfectly showcase your knowledge of your niche. 

Increase traffic to your website: You can use Quora to effortlessly promote your blog or website by placing it in your profile bio or while answering questions. 

Lead generation and conversions: When you consistently provide value with your answers, people will show more interest in you; they will visit your website and follow you on social media, thus, offering you an easy source of lead generation. 

Reach more people with ease: As mentioned before, Quora has a huge user base that is looking for real value. If you answer questions well and they get upvoted or get placed in a Quora email digest, you can reach thousands of people effortlessly. 

Learn about your audience: Quora makes market research easy. As it is a platform used to ask questions and give answers, you get a clear insight into the interests and disinterests of your audience. 

It’s evergreen: Unlike blogs whose ranking might begin to deplete after a couple of years, Quora content stays evergreen. If you answer a question today, and it gets a lot of upvotes, it will show up two or three years later as well.

How to use Quora for content marketing?

Since you know how Quora can benefit your brand, let’s dive into the best practices and strategies to use Quora for marketing. 

Complete your user profile

First things first, make sure your user profile is complete. When you answer a question, your full name, bio credentials, and profile image are shown to everyone. So, make sure to fill them up and update them on a regular basis to look more credible, as no one wants to read an answer from HeartHacker001 with a broken heart as the profile image. 

Search and engage with industry-relevant topics

No matter what your niche is, your target audience will always have some queries and questions. Monitor and contribute to these conversations on a consistent basis. You can use keywords or topics to find relevant questions. At the end of your answer, don’t forget to mention your blog/social media link. But, make sure your answer provides value and is not entirely promotional. 

Set your business as a topic

If there is not a lot of discussion around your niche, you can also create a topic related to your company and add stories and questions to it to promote conversations. 

Promote your content

Quora can be used as a publishing platform as well. You can either publish new content to engage an entirely new audience or repurpose your existing content. Again, be sure to mention your website link to your Quora posts to encourage traffic to your website.

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