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Aa Karala Ratri, A Social Media Magic!

Social Media Marketing for Kannada Movies

Aa Karala Ratri, A Social Media Magic!

At Einfach Digital, we believe in providing our customers with excellent customer service and value for money. Just as cliched as it sounds, we truly try our best to really live by these 2 principles.

Let’s first outline a couple of things, we are in a very fast-paced environment, almost everyone has a smartphone and there are people that do not read newspapers but there aren’t a lot of people that are not on Facebook or Instagram or other social media platforms. So we can confidently say that it will be foolish to not use digital marketing to a business’s advantage. The reach and the cost of that reach are extremely worthy if done right.

We were involved in a movie promotion since March 2018, and apparently, we took Social Media by Storm as we wrapped up our promotional activities. Want to spend some time talking about the movie Aa Karaala Ratri, is intense family suspense. This movie has JK, Anupama Gowda, Rangayana Raghu and Veena Sundar playing the lead roles. The movie has great content and is an edge of the seat thriller. For a movie as good as this, marketing and publicity done right will take it to a different level, which is precisely what we did. We had a total of 300 reviews across various portals, the movie’s average rating on BookMyShow is at 80%, The average rating for the movie by newspapers was ⅘, IMDB has about 100 reviews with an average of 8.2/10.

Quite honestly, as a company, we weren’t really sure if we could pull off something of this magnitude BUT, with risk-takers like Manoj and Pratap, there is never a no. As it is we have run ED for 3 years and have over 15 clients, we are experts in branding, marketing, and social media at a corporate level. The added attraction here, however, is the director and producer of the movie, Dayal Padmanabhan. A true marketing expert when it comes to movies. His deep understanding of promotion and publicity along with our expertise in social media had some phenomenal response. He guided us through everything that is required to promote a movie which was slightly different from how we promote for corporates, there was immense learning in this for the Einfach Digital Team and we were required to work round the clock with no offs on weekends, but the learning was totally worth all this hard work.

We’re going to explain the analytics of our promotions, but we will keep it as layman as possible, so one could understand the impact. Rs 35,000/- were spent in 8 days, this was spent on a combination of video teasers, movie feedback, and pictures. We got around 6 10-second teasers and a countless number of creatives.

We redirected some ads to our youtube trailers thereby getting a few additional views of the Trailers.

Movie reviews by Director Shashikanth, National Award-winning Actor Sanchari Vijay, Mrs. Priyanka Upendra and Well known lyricist Kaviraj were boosted and this reached around 2,00,000 people.

Just the Movie teasers reached around 7 Lakh people, and the locations were carefully chosen based on the cities and locations of the theatres where the movie was being screened. The promotions reached more than 11 Lakh people, within the set budget!

We also caught the attention of a lot of people in the KFI, and we have had a few inquiries but we know for a fact that not many people understand the level at which we executed this, and the amount of effort and meticulousness involved. We’re quite proud of what’ve been able to pull off at the cost at which we did.

Aa Karaala Ratri is a classic example of the fact that good cinema with the right amount of publicity will go places, we also learned that no matter how good the content is, or how good the movie is, there will always be someone that will troll you, and you just have to learn to ignore the naysayers and propel yourself to doing great things with great enthusiasm.

This is a very big deal for a movie, of course, all these also come with our set of learnings, we kind of didn’t use Twitter to our advantage, and there were a couple of times when we missed timing. But these are great learnings for us as we gear up for 4 more movie projects before we wrap up 2018!!

Ria Sharma

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