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7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Going Live On Social Media

Going live on social media

7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Going Live On Social Media


In times of quarantine and chill, everyone suddenly has so much time on their hands, and everyone is out there fighting for their own space and recognition in the world of online social media.

People have been trying out new things, picking up new hobbies, and even exploring new platforms like TikTok. New challenges are getting picked up, and the silliest of trends are taking over the world.

In this sea of activities, one thing people are doing more than ever is going live. Earlier going live was majorly restricted to celebrities, events, launches, etc. But the new norm has everyone exploring this feature out.

But we couldn’t help but notice that most of the live videos are going wrong!

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 5 things to keep in mind before going live on Facebook or Instagram to make the most experience.

1. Generate some buzz

Announce your arrival to your audience. Give out details about your live session, such as date and time in advance. Tell your audience what you are going to be talking about and get them excited to be conversing with you. This way, you will be able to garner more engagement and participation.

2.  Connectivity

Having functional internet connectivity is of extreme importance for a live video. You don’t want to look blurred and sound slurpy in front of your followers because of a bad internet connection. Make sure you double-check your data pack or the wifi speed before you start with your live session. 

3. Station your Phone 

While everyone likes to hold their phone during video calls, but no one is interested in seeing your nose up-close. It makes a lot of sense to station it on a table, so you can use better body language and be more at ease during the video. 

4. Prepare

If you don’t do this too often and spontaneity is not one of your biggest strengths, then you should probably prepare. Jot down a few points that you are going to address and visualize how you would talk/walk during the video and what find gestures and hand movements would seem appropriate. 

If you are going live with someone, then you should discuss it with them beforehand and consider the rhythm and flow of the conversation to avoid any confusion.

Stick to your topic throughout the video, instead of talking about too many things at once.

5. Engage

Engage with your audience. Read out the new comments out loud and answer the questions of your followers. The more interactive you are, the more involved and interested your audience will be in participating. Ask your friends to join you online, make it fun, make it personal.

Do not ‘Hi’ ‘Hello’ to everyone in the middle of the video. As this will distract the audience from what you are trying to say.

6. Time it right

Make sure not to drag the video for too long. Know how many minutes of content you have with you and, based on that, calculate the duration of the video. Be aware of managing your content equally throughout the video to avoid any gaps or awkward moments during the session

7. Don’t overdo it

Make sure not to go live for every little thing. Overdoing live videos will break the curiosity among your audience. Only when you have enough and more content piled up, you should schedule a live session.

We hope that these tips will help you create better and more kickass videos than ever. Let your creativity outshine you and help you get over this challenging time!

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