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5 types of people you come across on your social media feed

5 types of social media peoples

5 types of people you come across on your social media feed


When you scroll through your social media feed you must have definitely come across different characters and we are sure you don’t want to be any of those personalities in your friend’s feed. In this post, we’ll help you avoid few things so you are not the topic of discussion.


1.  Spammer


Your feed will be flooded with their posts and it gets even worse when it’s a repetitive post. We totally get it that you have a happening life and you wanna flaunt it but, please not at one go. For my feed’s sake!
Make sure you don’t post everything together. If you are indecisive about which one to post – there is an option called ALBUM.


2. Self-obsessed


These are the happy and proud owners of MI & Oppo phones who keep their followers and friends informed about every detail of their damn life. Maybe their parents will be happy about it but, it’s a big turn NO NO for their followers and friends after a point.
Take a step back and let your personality speak. Life is less about the filters,  more about filtering.


3. Fighter


Their posts will be the most happening ones not because it makes sense but, it doesn’t make SENSE. The silly arguments why people chose blue over pink or women who stay out late or one among the many crappy topics we see every day. We all have different perspectives and it’s not a crime to express it but do not impose it. People can choose magenta over blue and pink, it’s not a big deal.


4. Trollers


Yet another ugly truth – it is totally annoying if you are the victim. They will stalk you, comment and torture you with their screwed up comments, tags and even private messages (just to vent out) for attention. They personally do not matter in your life but, the way they intrude your space makes us feel like they are our BIG MOUTHED relatives. Phew! Giving them a piece of your mind works like magic. 

5. YOU!

Then, there’s YOU. You must be thinking you are the perfect one out there who does not belong to any of the above characteristics. You know what? just get over this thought. Like seriously! No one is perfect and there is no fun in being the perfect one. Maybe you are a new character who is yet to0 be explored. 

So, go ahead and entertain people on Social Media and just make sure you don’t make a fool outta yourself.

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Cheers! Like. Share. Comment. Ok Bye!

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