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Our Story

Once upon

a time…

Three friends decided to catch up over Friday beers? No, they didn’t take #Friyay selfies!

But they did come up with a stellar idea. A digital marketing incubator, to put it simply.

Multiple beers, countless plates of masala peanuts and a barrel of laughs later. Einfach Digital was born, albeit, unceremoniously.

With, awful hangovers in tow and fuzzy memories of the night before, three feverishly excited friends signed the papers that officially made them business partners.

In a short span of time we’ve grown from three musketeers to the six we are today.

We’re a team of passionate digital storytellers. And, we’ve got skill.
Armed with hard facts and some great ideas we tell our clients’ stories so convincingly that there’s no looking anywhere else.

In 19 months, we’ve worked with over 20 clients. (That’s a little more than one new one every month.)

Across 8 industries and 2 business sectors. We’re not magicians, just a bunch of implausibly crazy people who love what we do.

We’re entirely BONKERS!
“…but I’ll tell you a little secret; all the best people are.” – The Mad Hatter

Einfach Digital has a very strong team for managing social media and SEO related activities that bring more traffic to the website. They make it plain and simple with a unique touch of creativity. I can’t be more satisfied with the results from social media campaigns and optimizing the site.

Dinesh Valecha - Grace India Style

We worked together to design a beautiful site and it met the needs of my business. It also met the aesthetic design requirements of four very different business owners—which is no small feat. They took the identity that our business has created and helped us to create a relevant, usable, and productive site. The level of communication and cooperation was above and beyond anything that we had experienced.

Katherine Anna Carver - Uptown Law Firm

Starting from the proposal, strategy and sign up, the whole process was a cake walk. We approached them for social media marketing and SEO, in which they have done well, much beyond our expectations. It has been both pleasure and fun working with your digital marketing company.

Rashmi Maran - Cafe By The Corner

I got awesome digital insights from your company. We never thought of this. We really made a great decision by joining hands with Einfach Digital. Congratulations and keep up the good work. They have an awesome team with great ideas!!

Nathalie M. Morgan - Nathalie Morgan Law Firm

It was our pleasure working with Einfach. They were always very prompt to reply to us and always open to new ideas. They are fun and hardworking at the same time. We can’t be happier with their work. They are one among the best agencies in market.

Chase Clark - Hail Team USA

Creative and budgetary! Even post-launch, the team has continued to be helpful and interactive. We are completely satisfied with their services.

Rupesh Srinivasan - Clickoota

Our Awesome Team

Any similarity to another actual person, celebrities, living or dead is purely accidental and NOT our fault.

manoj-kumar-profile- Einfach Digital

Manoj Kumar



Chief troublemaker at Einfach. Manoj is the resident Apple fan boy who loves his filter coffee extra strong. He’s a stationery loving, obsessive compulsive globetrotter. Manoj worked his way up the ladder and is now a multitasking serial entrepreneur on a mission to give other start ups the digital marketing boost they need.

Pratap Krishna

Pratap Krishna



The man behind the numbers. Pratap is a Bangalore home boy who loves his JD on the rocks and looks deceptively reserved. He is Einfach’s incumbent prankster. Over the last two decades Pratap has worked in the field – Real Estate to Banking, before venturing out to do his own thing, turning himself into a serial entrepreneur.

asha-samuel-profile- Einfach Digital

Asha Samuel

Sr. Graphic Designer


The multitasking legend of Einfach. Asha is a blend of all things creative, leading our design and copy charge. She loves symmetry, geometry, polygonometry get the drift. Asha also happens to be our resident anchor and go to person for anything and everything, whether creative or food. She’s our very own get-things-done girl.

ria-sharma-profile- Einfach Digital

Ria Sharma

SEO Analyst


This young padawan has an insatiable appetite, for food and all things digital. The youngest member of our team, fresh out of college Ria is our in-house search number cruncher and clinician. She’s a bookworm, aspiring poet and constant doodler. Ria’s a perfect blend of creative soul, empathy and technology smarts.

Subham Satapathy

Business Development Executive

An Engineer who has been in the Aviation, Marketing & Operations sector. He swapped to the latter and is now our BDM. He is never in the office meeting clients and always late. Since he is never in the office, we don’t know anything about it. Stalking other people’s profiles and websites is something he thoroughly enjoys doing and he calls it a part of the job.

Rajath M

Web Developer

Our very Humble Mysurian – our go to developer who takes care of all our web design and development needs but, at his own sweet time. You ask him anything and his instant response will be “I don’t know”. Guess what? He learned from his teacher in school. Loves singing, doodles is what he says, none of us have seen any.

Devani Bordoloi

Social Media Specialist

New kid on the block with 3 years of experience in IT and Social Media. Assamese by birth, settled in Chennai now working in Bangalore. Now that’s a bit of an explanation for someone who is less than 5 feet. she is a human haiku- short and sweet. she gets hyper only when it comes to food and social media in the same order, but otherwise a little bit of an introvert.